Magus expands into production and co-production in 2019, with various projects in the pipeline, including a feature film and the development of two documentary shorts under the guise of Magus Pictures.

If you are looking to attach an industry-savvy producer to your next project, to help with approaching sales agents, looking at international sales estimates/figures, introductions to distributors, script writers and script-doctors, commercial casting decisions, unit publicity and marketing, then please get in touch. In our experience most independent productions lack anyone attached to the project with any experience after post-production has finished.


Rear Window for the 21st Century

Role: Executive Producer

James works for a major security company monitoring Britain’s 4 million CCTV Cameras.

Still mourning the death of his young son three years ago, James has become distant from his wife and daughter and has thrown himself into his work.

But after a knife attack at a nearby school, James becomes suspicious that his Arabic neighbour may be responsible.

Consumed by fear and driven by paranoia, James becomes obsessed with tracking his neighbour’s every movement.


Is his neighbour a terrorist? Or has the stress of losing his son driven James past the point of paranoia?

Director: Jon Max Spatz

Status: Pre-production financing



Role: Executive Producer.


Operation Julie is a comedy-thriller telling the extraordinary true story of the undercover police operation that smashed one of the most bizarre drug rings the world has ever seen – and changed British policing forever.

In April 1975 a brilliant Cambridge biochemist, Richard Kemp, was involved in a fatal car accident near Machynlleth. The crash led to the discovery of evidence connecting Kemp to a suspected LSD “factory” in north Wales. On 26 March 1977, following a 13 month police investigation, officers swooped on 87 properties in England and Wales, arresting 120 suspects in the largest series of drugs raids ever seen in the UK.

With exclusive rights to the memoirs of one of these officers, Stephen Bentley, Operation Julie has all the tension, drama and commercial appeal of the best films in the undercover crime genre – but all given a gleefully British comedic period spin as a peace and love Donnie Brasco plays out among the free-love communes, sheep farms and horizontal rain of 1970’s rural Wales.

The film offers an exclusive first-hand account of the story’s human drama, shining a light on the escapades of two officers who went so deep undercover they were no longer sure what side they were meant to be on, and the loveable rogues who captured the hearts of the locals despite their double lives as members of an international criminal conspiracy.

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